Admiralty Head Lighthouse


Fort Casey State Park, 1280 Engle Road, Coupeville
Whidbey Island, WA 982399

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Keepers of Admiralty Head Lighthouse

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Admiralty Head History

Located at Fort Casey State Park in the Coupeville area of Whidbey Island, Admiralty Head Lighthouse stands guard over Admiralty Inlet.

First built in 1890, then rebuilt in 1903, Admiralty Head was the last brick lighthouse designed by renowned German architect Carl Leick. During its later occupancy by the Army, the lighthouse was used as a training facility for the K-9 dog program. Although deactivated in 1922 and its lantern house moved to the New Dungeness Lighthouse in 1927, it has since been restored by the Washington State Parks. The lighthouse is kept open through a partnership between Washington State Parks and the Lighthouse Environmental Program (LEP).

Its dedicated volunteer docents provide educational opportunities through tours, exhibits and events, manage the lighthouse historical artifact collection, research and document lighthouse history, and promote and assist with lighthouse restoration.

Proceeds from the sale of Washington Lighthouse license plates help keep Admiralty Head Lighthouse shining and open year-round for visitors, tours and special events and with the following restoration projects:


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