Swiftsure Lightship


1002 Valley St., Seattle Washington

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About Swiftsure Lightship

Why a lightship instead of a lighthouse? Ships could be placed where a building could not, or where there was no land to build one. At one time, there were three lightship stations that protected the waters of Washington. Their lights were visible up to 20 miles, and with radio beacons and foghorns, provided safe passage for ocean going vessels.

Today, the 109-year-old, steam-powered Swiftsure Lightship is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1989. It is undergoing restoration thanks to fundraising efforts by dedicated enthusiasts and Coast Guard retirees, and numerous grants.

Proceeds from the sale of Washington Lighthouse license plates have helped keep Swiftsure Lightship shining with the following restoration projects:

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Northwest Seaport Marine Heritage Center